DVC Hosted Calculator

DVC Square Hosted Calculator

Using the DVC Square hosted calculator and its application programming interface.

Easy to Use

The DVC Pro Plan calculator is a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points calculator that has been designed to be embedded in an external web site via an iFrame.

Application Programming Interface (API):

No Arguments

  • http://dvcsquare.com/dvcppcalc.php

    Gives standard calculator with resort, room, and view selection elements, along with a calendar, and points text box.
  • With Arguments

  • http://dvcsquare.com/dvcppcalc.php?resort=2&room=4&view=2&ds=20110601&de=20110612&calendar=1&type=0&debug=0

    Specify dates, resorts, rooms, and views to pre-populate the calculator. Change the selection type, or show the selection dates for debugging.
  • resort=
    Resort number ID (see notes below)
  • room=
    Room number ID (see notes below)
  • view=
    View number ID (see notes below)
  • ds=
    Date Start in the form of "YYYYMMDD"
    YYYY = year in four digit format
    MM = month number in two digit format
    DD = day number in two digit format
  • de=
    Date Start in the form of "YYYYMMDD"
    YYYY = year in four digit format
    MM = month number in two digit format
    DD = day number in two digit format
  • calendar=
    Show calendar
    If set to "1" calendar is shown, if set to "0" calendar is hidden
    Default is "1".
  • type=
    Type of calendar to use
    If set to "1" calendar is multi-select
    If set to "0" calendar is single-select
    Single-select works best for mobile devices
    Default is "0"
  • button=
    Adds button below points box with text from "button" argument
    This is used in conjunction with "callback"
    Both "button" and "callback" need to be set for button to appear
  • callback=
    Callback URL to navigate to when button is pressed
    Callback URL needs to be in the form: callback=http://www.othersite.com/other.php?points=
    Points number from points box are appended to end of URL
  • open=
    Used with "callback"
    URL specified in callback is opened when button is pressed.
    Callback URL needs to be in the form: callback=http://www.othersite.com/other.php
    Points, resort, room, view, date start and date end are appended to end of URL
    Append data example: "?points=104&resort=3&room=2&view=2&ds=20110601&de=20110608"
  • debug=
    Turns on debugging when set to "1". Se to "0" to turn off debugging
    Default is "0"
    Debugging currently shows the hidden date fields. More may be added later
  • Using an iFrame:

    <iframe src="http://dvcsquare.com/dvcppcalc.php" frameBorder="0"width="300" height="510"></iframe>


    Resort, Room, View, values

    "1", "Animal Kingdom Villas"
    "2", "Old Key West"
    "3", "BoardWalk Villas"
    "4", "Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
    "5", "Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
    "6", "Beach Club Villas"
    "7", "Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary"
    "8", "Hilton Head Island Resort"
    "9", "Aulani Villas Hawaii"
    "10", "Vero Beach Resort"
    "11", "Villas at Grand Californian Hotel"
    "12", "Grand Floridian"
    "13", "Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

    "1", "Studio"
    "2", "Deluxe Studio"
    "3", "One Bedroom Villa"
    "4", "Two Bedroom Villa"
    "5", "Three Bedroom Grand Villa"
    "6", "Three Bedroom Tree House Villa"
    "7", "Deluxe Inn Garden View"
    "8", "Deluxe Inn Ocean View"
    "9", "Three Bedroom Cottage"
    "10", "Hotel Room"
    "11", "Two Bedroom Bungalow"
    "1", "Value Accommodation"
    "2", "Standard View"
    "3", "Savanna View"
    "4", "Kilimanjaro Club Concierge"
    "5", "Boardwalk/Preferred View"
    "6", "Lake View"
    "7", "Theme Park View"
    "8", "Island Gardens View"
    "9", "Poolside Gardens View"
    "10", "Ocean View"
    "11", "Garden View"